Because everyone needs  an   Angel.....

                                Kitten    PRICES    INCLUSIONS

NOTE:  We are not a cattery.   We  raise  Ragdolls in    our home for the pure pleasure of their company.



ATTENTION:      Our Ragdolls are STRICTLY  INDOORS cats.




                         " If  your wanting a Ragdoll  that can Roam,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Our kittens   won't   be going to your Home "

                                    ANGEL EYES RAGDOLLS choose  not  to sell  Breeding Kittens

All kittens are raised in our home to ensure they are happy, healthy,   super spoilt with lots of love, cuddles and well socialised.  (It's a tough job but someone has to do it !!!)     Our kittens are available to go to their new homes between 10 and 13 weeks old after desexing.




- Desexing   - non negotiable.

- Microchipped

- 2  x F3  Kitten Vaccinations.

- Wormed with Drontal.

- Treated with Advantage.

- Health Sheet  with latest updates of above.

- Copy of Parents pedigree paperwork for pet kittens.


- Soft Toy they have been sleeping with.

- Small Blanket.

- Dry Kitten Food Sample.

- Sample of OZ-Pet Litter(not for kittens flying interstate) 

 - We  also  email you a weekly PHOTO update of your kitten so you can see how they are progressing.

NOTE   We do not teach them to read, write, use knives & forks or pay for University!!! 

PET  Kitten Prices     are as follows -  

Blue & Seal kittens,   Male  &  Female    in   Point, Mitted & Bicolour    =        -  $1,200.00



We  ask for a deposit of $200.00 to HOLD the kitten of your     choice.   Desexing is between 10  to  12 weeks old depending on size/weights of kittens.  


 NOTE -    The deposit is non refundable  for our kittens.   The deposit is required  for genuine kittens buyers only.   This is our assurance that  we are not wasting our time and effort  with replying to the many emails we receive also for the continual photo and kitten  updates until  your baby  is ready to go to it's new home home.    The remaining monies paid a week before pick up  or cash on pick up day.  Thank you for your time.

 NOTE  -   We  do Reserve the Right  to Withdraw kittens from sale if we are not 100% sure it is the right placement for the kitten,  with full refund,   thank you for your time.




    New owners will also need to have a  Carry Cage    to take their kitten home in. We can supply carrier for a modest fee  if you don't have one.


    We can also supply  Ozpet Litter Trays at a reasonable price  (  see SHOP page)


    We  can be contacted  via   Email or  Facebook  at Angel Landers (Angel Eyes Ragdolls)                                (as  phone time can take up a lot of our day and our  ragdolls and their kittens are our priority).


    Please tell us a little about yourself,  as our kittens will  be  ONLY  going to INDOOR HOMES.