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                                                                 Updated  -   February  2014

A   BIG   "THANK YOU"   to  everyone for your photo updates of your ANGEL EYES RAGDOLLS.  We love hearing how much they are loved,  and seeing how they have grown.

                Under  Continual   Construction,  More Shortly...

Costa       Seal Bicolour

 Costa's favourite past time is tormenting the dog, he follows the dog and pounces on him and is such a torment to our dog George but after he's finished with his game he curls up with the him and goes to sleep.
In this pic he is actually wrestling with the dogs leg lol.





Max Lilac Point   &  Ollie  Seal PointWe have attached some pictures of Ollie and Max over the past year. Both boys are doing wonderful! Ollie is just over a year old and Max is about to turn 1 soon.  Ollie is a bit of a 'show man' he loves looking at himself in the mirror and always is keeping himself well groomed. When visitors come over Ollie will be the first to greet them. He will go up to the visitors and roll on his back for pats (just like a dog!). Max on the other hand is a big sook! He is 100% devoted to Roderic and will follow him everywhere, sometimes Max will cry if Rod goes outside and he can't come with. Both boys bring us so much joy and unconditional love!  We can't thank you enough for allowing us to have them. 

Regards     Thea and Rod




Gizmo       Chocolate Bicolour    9months old

We thought we would email you some updated photos of gizmo. 

He is doing really well, and we can't imagine our lives without him. He is a smoochy, cheeky little rascal, who follows us around everywhere. He is very inquisitive and wants to be involved in everything, which we love. 

He is very food driven and his latest trick is to knock down the lamp to wake us up early in the morning in the hope we will feed him. 

Hope all is well.

Natasha, Bryan and giz


Paris   Seal Mitted Wow she looks like her mum.   So pretty.   She has settled in here so well. She owns the place. I love that fact that wherever u are she is there.   I have had to be away for work. She recognised my voice on the phone, instant purrs. Not that I rang to speak to her..     

Just wanted to show my beautiful girl off.    Sue



 Jedd  (seal point)Where do I start!!!!!!    Jedd is amazing!!!!
Shaun was so excited and he absolutely loves him.   He is such a funny little thing!
He just loves our daughter, follows her everywhere and cries when he cant find her. She has been reading him a book before she goes to bed and he sits next to her like he is actually listening!!!!!
He loves to have company while he eats and goes to the toilet, and today he actually got in the shower with me.  He is so funny.
Our dogs are yet to agree with his arrival but I think they are just jealous and it will take time.
Thank you for everything he is the perfect cat for our family, and with the recent news of a new baby on the way, jedd is absolutely pefect with children, and thats because of the hard work you put in.
We will keep you updated on his new home.
Thank you
Pauline, Shaun, ava and jedd


Iorek    (chocolate bicolour)

            He has not stopped purring! He has had kiddie cuddles which he just loved, ate a little bit of dinner and now that the kids are in bed he is exploring happily. Thank you so much for him, we all love him so much already :-)     Athiena, Lyla & Jakie




  Khan    (blue mitted)We couldn’t be happier with him, Chris. He has bought so much love and fun to our lives. He really is like having a puppy in a kitten’s body. So playful and very, very affectionate. He’s a big sook and will cry if he’s not getting attention. He sleeps against my neck every night and follows me around EVERYWHERE.      Actually, I also wanted to get in contact with you regarding getting our next ragdoll (you were right, you can’t just have 1!).   Thanks,  Courtney   in North Lakes


  Mitton    (blue bicolour)                                                

 Mitton is a beautiful girl, she is definitely growing and doing really well.  Kathy in Sydney



 GIZMO   (chocolate bicolour)Gizmo is doing great, he's a fantastic addition to our family, we couldn't imagine our lives without him.   He is a very curious little kitten, and very food orientated.
Gizmo treats the home as his domain and seems at peace with his surroundings.
He weighs 2.2 kg and is becoming fluffy.   Natasha in Brisbane


ARI   (lilac bicolour)Just thought I would update you on my precious little Ari.     Ari runs our house, he has everyone wrapped around his little paw (including our new puppy, George!)      George and Ari are best friends and are constantly playing, cuddling and having little tiffs, it’s hilarious.

He truly is one of a kind and he is so affectionate and perfect I couldn’t live without him, he is definitely not a cat, but a Ragdoll.             I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my Ari, he is just amazing.      Regards Ashlee  in Brisbane



OLLIE  (seal point)                 MAX  ( lilac mitted)Max seems like a very relaxed kitten,   he didn't cry the entire drive home!!  He also ate, drank and used his Litter tray pretty much straight away! He's such an affectionate boy!! We love him so much!!             Everything is going superbly!!     However, I thought you might like this picture that I took of the boys this morning.  They are now good friends!!Take care Thea and Rod  in  Upper Brookfield


 HUGO   (blue mitted)    


Hugo was great in the car he meowed a few times then went to sleep. When we got him inside it took him like 2mins an he is owning the place lol he's hilarious an purring all over us already such a sweet heart :) keeps playing in his kitty litter with his glittery ball lol he's a dag! Thank you so much!!        Ashleigh & Ben  in Brisbane



CHARLIE CHOCOLATE BLU    (seal mitted) What a funny boy!!! He is a hoot, he has settled in so well he only meows for a few minutes at night before he goes to bed and then we don't hear from him all night.

He has the loudest pur which we all just lap up! He has started to meow each time we pick him up which reminds us of his mum :-) he is making progress with the dog last night he tapped the dog on her foot a couple of times  Sharyn and Paul in  Eatons Hill

 VALENTINO  (blue bicolour)        BAM BAM  (blue point)Just wanted to say thank you so much for introducing our family to the world of Ragdolls!  Valentino is an absolute delight in every way.  He is so gentle & loving sometimes i think he would crawl into my mouth if he could!      He is so very clean & non destructive as well.  Not one little accident! He plays like a fiend sometimes but as soon as you pick him up he just relaxes & cuddles & purrs.  In fact he is so relaxed when he's on his back we thought something was wrong.  He is very happy as long as he is with us. I must admit i feel dreadfully mean & guilty when i have to leave him to go to work but make up for it with lots of cuddles & games at night.  Lorraine  in  Mooloolaba



 SERAPHIN     Update  JAN 13,Just to let you see how Sera is coming on.She is now a loveable 4+kg ball of fluff,getting a bit more colour on her back.Soft and playful with everybody----with our young grandson she just goes 'limp' and he absolutely adores her as he could not handle my previous Balinese cat.We have just been caravaning for 3 months and she behaved so well in van and travelling in car and everywhere we went she won hearts.I continually thank my vet for recommending a Ragdoll and of course thank you as breeder of such a cat.She nearly talks to me when she wants to play and does not like me out of her sight,nor do I like her out of mine!    Merry Christmas to you and all your cats!     Faith  in  Noosaville

Seraphin (chocolate bicolour)    5  months old    (15-8-12)

Hi   Just to let you see how  Sera  has grown.2.7kg last week,and eating well.She is all I hoped for----so cuddly and playful---a real joy.   All the family love her----from the youngest to the dog loving older ones.    One grand-daughter even wants me to leave her to her in my Will!        Faith in  Noosaville



 PAPPY  Update  JAN 13Thought you might appreciate some pics of our cheeky boy! We bought a new fan today and he's subsequently found a new favourite spot on the arm of the chair closest to it! He also climbs into any one of the kids' school bags when they get ready in the mornings, and is often seen streaking past with a sock in his mouth, making us all laugh with his antics! We love our beautiful boy and are so happy that we've been blessed with the joy of one of your gorgeous kitties!    Annette in Brisbane



 KATIE Update   Jan 13

  Well, it's almost 12 months since we adopted Katie and I thought I'd send you some pictures with an update.
   Katie is definitely the queen of the household and we are completely smitten. 
   Katie is a mummy's girl in the morning and I get lots of cuddles and headbuts.  This is possibly because she knows I am unlikely to roll over on her and will move around to accommodate her!  She's Stuart's girl in the afternoon when he's studying and she will not shut up unless he's giving her a cuddle while typing one-handed!  We haven't assessed the adverse effect this has had on Stu's studies, but we don't really care!
   She's really fluffed up since her operation (although she is still a little girl) and we've invested in a Tigga Tower for her so she's very spoilt! 
Danielle & Stuart in Brisbane


SIMBA       Update  JAN 13



CASPER  & PANDA  Update    Jan 13     ( more pics at bottom of page)


 KIKI   (Lilac Bicolour)  updated photo's JAN 13     Kiki    Lilac Bicolour    7-8-12I thought I would write to you today given it is Kiki's 2nd birthday and to let you know how she is going!
Kiki has settled in so well - in fact, after the first night, it was like she had always been here. My partner lasted about 3 weeks before he said she could come in the bedroom - she know sleeps under the covers :)
Right now, she is sitting here watching tv with me (and sometimes she actually watches the thing on the tv, especially if there are animals!). She has been nothing but an absolute joy in our lives. Every day, I get the warmest greeting when I come home - the meows, the purrs, the everything - she will follow me around the house for at least 15 minutes into each room I go into ... including the bathroom!!
 She waits outside the door while I have a shower and needs to be involved in some way in everything I do - getting dressed / going on the balcony / in the kitchen ... She loves flopping everywhere and loves getting her tummy scratched. She even loves playing fetch - we have a few small, sparkly balls that we through up the hallway that she brings right back to us again and again. She loves bags and boxes and sadly, my partner's shoes!!! If he leaves his thongs on the ground, she will go right up to them, flop and roll around on them!!!
 When she sits next to me, she always has to reach out a paw and gently touch me - its like she just wants to make sure I am always there ... 

Thank you so much Chris for giving me the pleasure of having Kiki in my life. If I had known 2 years ago that I was to have so much happiness and joy in my life again, I wouldn't have believed it. Thank you so much for giving me an angel.
Regards,   Rebecca 



Mia   (Seal Mitted / blaze)     October 2012




Callie      (Seal Bicolour)       October  2012                                                              

Just thought that I would send through a couple of photos of Callie for you. She's  been amazing with the girls, Ally insisted on a cake for Callie for her birthday recently – of course she ate the cake but Callie got to watch!   Cheers,  Heidi  in  Mundoolan


Maximilian  (seal point)          October 2012He is settling in very nicely - a beautiful boy and he cries everytime we leave, which makes us rush home to be with him.  He is getting lots of cuddles.   Regards   Virginia



Cazper   (seal bicolour)      10-9-12     6 months old

Cazper is a very affectionate cat, he sleeps in our bed every night preferably on one of our pillows. He's growing fast and already weighs 4kgs.
He has a LOT of energy and races around the house jumping up and down his cat tower which is now looking like the leaning tower of Pisa. :) His favourite game is hide and seek which he plays with me (Maria), I'm hiding and he comes looking for me. If he can't find me withing 30seconds he'll start meeowing and I have to call out again. When he finds me he jumps up and touches my leg and then runs off. :)
He is also a very confident cat and never even went to hide the first day that we got him, and he has owned the house since the second he entered it.

Thank you so much the whole family absolutely loves him!         Maria and Tim



Taz   (seal mitted/blaze)     25-8-12        7 months old

Here are some of Taz's pictures, some are very recent and some are a bit old. He just turned 7 months 6 days ago. We are so proud of him.
He has a very sweet personality.


Maxie    ( blue bicolour)    22-8-12     now  6 months old

Just thought I'd fill you in on our Little 'Maxie' who is now 6 months old. I've sent you through some photos for you to take a look.
 He is such a character. At night time he races around and when lights are turned off he jumps onto the bed with the LOUDEST purr!! It sounds like a motor boat that slowly gets louder and louder as he comes to sleep on the pillow (he is obessed with sleeping with us on our pillows!)
 In the mornings he gets very excited when he realises one of us is awake and will often come nudge our noses- morning kisses :)
 He is extremley affectionate, will wait for me outside the shower, meows very loudly if he doesn't know where Dave or I are and always follows us from room to room.
 He makes me very happy and I can't thank you enough. We are thinking of getting him a little friend so may be in contact with you in the near future.     Belinda (and Dave)

Finnigan    ( chocolate mitted)  1-8-12         now  1 year old

I was just wanting to send you some pics of Finnigan at one year old. The pictures don’t do him justice!!! He is the most beautiful cat with a Regal Air. We all love him more and more everyday..xoxo 


Gypsy   (blue mitted)       7-8-12Just thought we'd send you some updated pics of our beautiful girl,  Abbey Rayleene and Jon


Ava-Blu   Lilac Bicolour     7-8-12

 Just a quick update on Ava-Blu. She has settled in really well. At the moment she is lying on my lovely black fabric (now black &white fabric) lounge playing. That is what vacuum cleaners are for! She is doing great with Jock (the naughty puppy) and they have a little routine where he chases her then she turns around and chases him through the house. When she gets sick of it she just goes and curls up under the lounge or swats him one!





Boots      (seal point)  Boots has settled in so beautifully – he has a wonderful nature – never favouring any particular person, but spreading his love to all of us! (my husband loves him too).

He loves to snuggle into the bed and gets right down the bottom of the sheets and stays there to sleeps –I think he’s going to suffocate so keep digging him out!  Must admit he does keep your feet warm though.

He’s such pleasure to have around and we get so many comments from people who visit us on how pretty he is – especially his eyes.        Cheers  Pip & Georgia         10-7-12


McLovin     (Seal Mitted)  Living with Reece and Nathan on the Sunshine Coast.

Nathan and i just wanted to let you know how much we love Mclovin...he is such a great pet and so affectionate!      Reece.          10-7-12


 Gepetto (chocolate mitted) now living in   NT  with  Kim, Brian & Finnegan   

(13-6-12 )

GEPETTO  UPDATE   Jan 2013      now  1 year old  above.

Glad you like the photos, he is so beautiful and your right his coat is great considering we rarely have days below 29 all year round.  His personality is just like that photo, so cute !!


Gepetto above  with his big brother  Finnegan  the Golden Retriever

Gepetto loves his tunnel, popping in and out of the holes on the side especially if Finnegan is with him. He also loves his Teddy and bring it with him everywhere.  I bet all the kittens of the world use hallways as a race track, optimum chance to take out those long legged mums and dads, especially in the dark when you’re going to bed.   Kim & Brian




Bella  (blue mitted)   Nickola and Lukes little girl.      (30-3-12)                             We adore her !

From the first night she has been wonderful, such a sweetie to everyone!  Sleeps with us every night and loves her cuddles whenever she has the chance she will come and lay on us. She learns very well and happily goes for walks with us and the dog! She loves the dog.Her other obsession is bugs and spiders and finds them so tasty that she just eats them, so our place is fairly bug and spider free haha J  My in laws love her just as much and she has sleepovers there occasionally if we are away for a night, she doesn’t seem to mind where she is as long as she is fed and cuddled! Oh and she sleeps in the bed with the dog if she’s not with us which is very cute.   Nickola.  North Arm


 Diamond  ( seal bicolour )  very content in his new home at Burpengary with Jane  & Craig.    (12-3-12)

 Diamond is going great guns :-)     He has the BEST personality & is weighing in close to 4kg.  He loves his tucker & purrs when I brush him.  He is still delightful as ever.  Everyday when I get home & he hears the garage door go up he fly's to the door & waits for me - starts meowing to tell me he's hungry & wants his tucker !

 He loves getting cuddles & squeezes off me & I tell him everyday just how much I love him.

 Everyone loves him !!    You bred a wonderful cat with him.  Jane



Muffins  (seal bicolour)  very happy living with Kirsty and family in     Roma (15-3-12)

 Muffins  now  6 months old  below

 I just wanted to send you two pics of Muffins, he is so so beautiful and very spoilt, Muffins meeows and we come running he has us all around his little paws.
We are so happy with him and my three boyz love him to death, even when Muffins decides he can help with the homework. (He has his nose in everything that we do) You have done such a good job on breeding such a beautiful cat and most of all a family member.
Thank you again and again.
Cheers Kirsty and Family.  ROMA



Skye  ( blue bicolour)   now retired and living a very contented life with  Leanne  in Mayfield NSW    (20-2-12)


A quick update on Skye. she is going extremely well and is now very
familiar and comfortable throughout the whole house. She often sleeps
with me now and is quite demanding when she wants to be patted. She
loves her food and her favourite is freshly roasted chicken. She does
love to chat and is often much more vocal than our other little one.
 She gets along well with the other ragdoll despite the fact that the
little one ambushes her and jumps on her, etc.  Regards,   Leanne



Misty  ( seal mitted)   lives with Val & John in Caloundra   (6-2-12)

 Finally 4 photos of gorgeous Misty. She is such a character.    Regards   Val CALOUNDRA


Bazinger     ( seal bicolour)   lives with Rebecca  in  Melbourne    (4-2-12)

 Just wanted to send you an update on how well he's doing. It was a rough start with my other Ragdoll Hermione. She is now 5yrs and Bazinga is not yet 1yr  but they are a lot better. He is great company for her when I am not home. He generally likes to play a lot where as she just likes to sleep so he annoys her most of the time but other then that they are great together. They are spoilt rotten and are very much a part of my family. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in getting him to me. I think he was always meant to be mine. Thank you so much.       Regards, Rebecca   Sunbury  VICTORIA


Rajah   ( seal mitted)  

 Rajah  Update  27-2-12

 Just giving you a update on how Rajah is doing.He is doing excellent getting bigger and bigger everyday   Rajah and Freya are best of mates they play and play all day.  We would like to say once again thank you so much for him.  He has certainly filled that hole in our heart.I have sent you a couple of pics hope you enjoy.  BRISBANE





Toby   (blue bicolour)    lives with Karen and family and  has a  new brother Teddy in  Toowoomba.

Toby Update   12 months old.

Toby Update  -  21 months old       16-1-12

 I have just attached a couple of recent photos of Toby for you - he is the most gorgeous cat ever!!       Karen  TOOWOOMBA


Gypsy   (blue mitted)   is home with her family  at  Sandstone Point,   now being completely  spoilt, just  how it should be for a princess like her.   Nearly  5 mths old -  15-1-12


Finnigan  (chocolate mitted)     Mr Inquistive, what an angel boy he is,  helping with the homework too !!      ELIMBAH


 Princess Lola   (lilac point)    has the whole family wrapped around little paw already,  a real princess !!!  Living the life of a Princess at  Sippy Downs.




Vee   (seal bicolour)   Dear sweet little  Vee  home now with her new mother Alana and Spencer the dog.

  Update (below)     -   4 months old  (4-2-12)

 I thought I would give you an update on Vee since she will be 4 months old tomorrow. Shes very very cheeky! Always running around and going crazy. But she is very cuddly when it suits her. I would say she has lots of attitude. She loves my mum’s dogs and has established herself as the boss, especially with Tommy, who is the white Bichon in the picture. They adore each other and always have lots of fun playing together when we visit. Thank you so much for giving me this little bundle of fun.    She is my little princess Alana J   YANDINA

Vee Update   25-3-12 below





Hiccup (seal point)  Loads of character.   Now living in his new home with Sheena.

 Here are some new pics of Hiccup.He's doing great and is acting like the boss of the house already :)

But he is still smoochy and loves snuggling up to me.       Sheena  BRISBANE                                             

 Dash ( Lilac Mitted)  is settling in nicely in  his new home with Ellen on the Gold Coast.

 Dash UPDATE    now  5 mths old   15-1-12


He Luvs playing & running around with Terry & stealing Teales cars/ toys although his favorite is his Teddy (one sent home with him) & it's so funny to see him carry it in his mouth from one room to another!
Dash also routinely runs into Teales room & jumps on his bed at Bedtime & plays with his feet under the covers until we come to tuck Teale in & then it's usually sleep time for him also once both Terry & Teale go to sleep! :-)) 
Dash likes to sleep in our bedroom above our heads on our pillows or on the bedside table! & likes to wake us up by nudging our noses! 
He Luvs his food & has no problem letting us know his ready for dinner, as he does this by just about attaching himself to our feet whenever were in the kitchen area :-))

Anyways, I could carry on, & on  About our funny & sometimes silly lil Dash ;-) Ellen  GOLD COAST


Belle  (blue mitted)   has settled right in with  Sharon  (see below)


She is amazing and has become very "ragdoll" in nature. Falls and flops all over the place.
She loves to come into the office of a morning with her sister Barbara ( Maltese) and play around helping with my work, keeping an eye out the window. She has such a great personality.. She has taken to jumping off the lounge when Babs is asleep, right on top of her and running off. She keeps us entertained.
She is an important part of our family.    Sharon  NOOSA



Mavi Gozlu  (seal bicolour)   is living with  Jeanette in Brisbane, doesn't he look like his dad McDreamy !       (Mavi -  10  months old in photo's)


  Chamonix (blue point) is very  content living with Lyn in Burpengary.



  Smitten (chocolate mitted)  has only recently gone to Brunei  to live with his very happy owner  Raiman.

Yesterday I joined a cat competition at Kuala Belait, Brunei for the first time. Brought my moggie, Gafi  and  Smitten.
I'm proud to tell you that Smitten has won 3rd place in the neutered category :)Raiman :)

Smitten Update     1 year old     10-1-12


Smitten  Update   27-2-12  in    BRUNEI



 Charlie  (blue bicolour)    &   Molly  (chocolate mitted)   




Charlie ( seal mitted)  or Cheeky Charlie as Kathy & Ron call him,   settled into his new home in  Sydney,   in a heartbeat as you can see !



Here are the pictures of our beautiful Cheeky Charlie.  Mr Gorgeous!  His mane is so long it can get caught in his mouth!  Loves his cat DVD.  He now has a few of them, some he likes better than others.  He tries to catch the fish as they go off the screen and gets behind the television looking to see where they went.  The DVD has little mice, tweeting birdies, butterflies, he comes running down the stairs when I call out "Charlie DVD" and he jumps up ready to watch it.  He has me well trained on what he likes to eat and knows that the fridge has lots of yummy things.  He is such a fur baby with his little ragdoll squeak.  We love him to bits!
 Regards again
Kathy   SYDNEY

 Bao  ( seal mitted )  Bao  is very happy in his new home in Brisbane  with Yingying and eating everything in sight.



 Meer  ( seal point )  has total control over Sunny and her family at Kiel Mountain


 Louie  ( chocolate point )   is Claudia's new best friend in Brisbane.



Yuki  (seal bicolour)   &  Kai  (seal point) are living with Evan and his family in Brisbane.

Yuki and Kai have really settled in well into our home.  Kai has really come out of his shell and is so curious. Yuki is the total opposite – she’s more confident and outgoing, but they both get along really well. They play and wrestle with each other all the time – they are so adorable and also really affectionate. Kai loves his cuddles. You could hold him all day long and I don’t think he’d stop purring J. Yuki doesn’t like cuddles as much, but prefers to rub up against your leg (or get a belly rub) – she’ll flop down anywhere, roll on her side and look at you, as if to say; ‘you can pat me now’ (and the whole time she’s purring) – very cute J.

P.S. Thanks so much for Yuki and Kai. They’re well loved and very spoilt.  BRISBANE


 Simba (Lilac tabby point)  is now living on the Gold Coast with Madonna & family

 Few more photos of Simba for you, he's settling in so well , my daughter was thrilled to wake up this morning to find him sleeping right next to her.  He's such a loving boy , he has been giving us lots of smooches.


Simba  Update  -  January  2012  GOLD COAST




Panda  (seal bicolour)    Casper (blue point)  Are both living happily together with Kayla on the Gold Coast.

She is such a little princess, we love her so much she sleeps with us every night just purring. 
We love the smoochy side of her, just to cute!

Casper and Panda are getting along great now :)  so happy. I couldn't believe how fast they became friends. Thank you again.Kayla                      - This is  Casper below on his 1st birthday   and Panda at  1 year old.




 Panda & Casper  Update  -  January  2012 GOLD COAST



Please send me a quick email and  let me know if your  Ragdoll's  photo update  is not up  and I will put it up for you asap.