Because everyone needs  an   Angel.....

KITTENS  Available  &  Sold

Angel Eyes are located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland

UPDATED  -    23 - 10 - 2019   (updated weekly)    

All  Kittens are named by their new owners. 




Because we are a Closed Cattery in our own home,   also  for the health of our  kittens,    we will  not  be arranging  visitor days  before the kitten goes to it's new home.

We  understand new owners  are excited about their new fur baby,    that is why    we provide  a  weekly photo update   for all owners  

We are happy to answer any questions along the way   and  into the future.

We email  our Kitten Care Sheet to all new owners when the kittens are  7 week old   for you to see an outline of what you will need for your new fur child.

Our kittens are desexed  around  ten weeks  old   and can go to their new homes   a couple of days afterwards.       Thank you for your understanding.

PLEASE  READ  ABOVE    -   before deciding on adopting one of our kittens. 
                                                                      Angel Landers  at  ( ANGEL  EYES  RAGDOLLS )

                                                                                Kitten  Availability  terms

                                                                                     -    AVAILABLE    =       for deposit      ($200.00)
                                                                  -      On  HOLD     =       for one week    (date on photo)
                                                                 -    SOLD            =      deposit  paid


Howard      9 wks

SOLD     to  Renee Z.


Mr  Jinx      9 wks

 SOLD     to  Nola L.


Seal Mitted Male   9 wks

SOLD     to  Sandy  D.

Seal Mitted Male  9 wks

 SOLD    to  Ali F.  

Willow         9 wks

SOLD   to   Hayley J. A.


Blue Mitted Male   9 wks

 SOLD   to  Amy  T.



Seal Mitted Female   9 wks

SOLD   to    Ali F.



 Lunar      9 wks

 SOLD     to   Kara  O.



Blue Point Male       8 wks old

SOLD  to   Dale


Blue Point Male     8 wks old

SOLD      to  Louise  B.

Kozel      8 wks old

SOLD    to  Lauren C.

Bowie     8 wks

SOLD      to   Christina  J.

Ziggy       8 wks

SOLD       to   Lynette M.

ATTENTION        Lilies  &   Salt Lamps      are extremely toxic to cats.
 *    The lilie is deadly to cats, especially the fine yellow dust from the stamen in the middle of the flower.

*      Salt Lamps can  cause Salt Poisoning  after continual licking by pets and cause swelling of the brain.

Ragdoll  Moments  to treasure. . . .

Rachel's  son  &  Billy the kitten having a special moment     (above)

 Annie and Blue  snuggling in bed
Photo  courtesy of  Ella

Loui VERY relaxed with his new family (above)              Photo courtesy of Leisa S.
 Kym's boys relaxing with Jess.         Photo courtesy of Kym F.

 Photo Courtesy of  Nadia

Nadia's  son   with his  new kitten, so beautiful to see the bond in only a few days.

Photo courtesy of Danielle

Her little boy sitting with their ragdoll Katie.   They adopted  Katie  from us 6 years ago.  Just beautiful to see.

This is what Ragdolls are all about ......

Smudge     with his new owner
Beautiful   photo/moment    courtesy of  Robyn