Because everyone needs  an   Angel.....

                              Our  Angelic    BOYS              Updated    -    February  2023

" Archie "     a  Seal Mitted Male

Sweet, sweet, sooky  Archie.  A big ball of soft silky fluff.

" Maximus "

Colour -  Blue Point 

Oh my Goodness,  we are so in love with this boy, as innocent as the day is long.  He has great size, thick, full coat,  irridescent blue eyes AMAZING........
Great pedigree again with  his father  being  from Austria.

"  Smokey Joe "  a Seal Bicolour


Heaven wrapped in fur is the  ONLY  description for  this boy. He has fully imported lines.


" Valentino "  

Colour  -  Blue Mitted

A handsome package this boy,  such a pleasure to be around.    His   kittens are sooo laid back.    He lives with Dante and cries when he goes to do a mating and leaves him alone.  

"Enzo  Furrari "

Blue Mitted  Male

This is a younger photo of Enzo,  he has justkept growing.   Big Boy.