Because everyone needs  an   Angel.....

      UPDATED     12 - 7 - 2020

ANGEL  EYES   GIRLS    ( our breeding girls )

" GRACIE "  is Blue Mitted 

Such a sweet,  gentle girl.   She has the most beautiful kittens for us, with deep blue eyes and a silky coat.

" BILLIE "   is   Seal Mitted

Love this girl to the moon and back.  Her temperament is to die for.

 " IZZY "      is a Seal Bicolour

She is everything we could want in a Ragdoll.   She has amazing imported lines from both parents.   Deep blue eyes with the sweetest nature.                                                       Hopefully  soon,   we will have some kittens just as beautiful as  their mother.


" SABRINA "    is a Blue Bicolour

What a sweetheart of a girl, she loves her cuddles and any other attention she can get.   Her coat is amazing.


"SKY-BLU"    is a  Blue Mitted Female

She is Misty Blu's daughter and  just the sweetest,  gentlest girl with amazing blue eyes and  soft, silky coat.


" LACEY "    is a  Blue Bicolour

Can't wait to see what little Lacey grows into,  she is simply gorgeous already.

    Below are two of our young girls that will replace two of our older girls above  once they are over 12 months old.

" NOVA "    a Seal Bicolour

Stunning beyond words.    


" SNOWBALL "  is  Blue  Bicolour

Such a sweet, gentle nature.   Beautiful coat and eye colour.  Loves
her food and you can  tell when you pick her up !


             for visiting our  "Beautiful  Girls".

We  hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we  

 enjoy  owning them.......


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NOTE    -    If you are  interested in seeing where and how the RAGDOLL ORIGINATED  please go to our  "HISTORY of the Ragdoll"   page of the website for photo's and details.