Because everyone needs  an   Angel.....

      UPDATED     23 - 8- 2022

ANGEL  EYES   GIRLS    ( our breeding girls )


"SKY-BLU"    is a  Blue Mitted Female

She is Misty Blu's daughter and  just the sweetest,  gentlest girl with amazing blue eyes and  soft, silky coat.


" NOVA "    a Seal Bicolour

Stunning beyond words.    


" SNOWBALL "  is  Blue  Bicolour

Such a sweet, gentle nature.   Beautiful coat and eye colour.  Loves
her food and you can  tell when you pick her up !

" ZOE "  is a Blue Point

 She is just a beautiful looking girl  with  the most amazing eye colour.   She is Zali's sister.

" ZALI " a  blue bicolour

WOW!   looking forward to Zali's babies,  they will be something special.

" LACEY " is a blue bicolour

 Sweet, sweet Lacey.  A big girl with a big heart.

" DANAE` "   is  a Blue Bicolour

7 months old in photo {  june 21 }

Stunning to say the least about Danae`.     She is as gentle and soft  as she looks and  bonus,  she  loves cuddles.

"Jo Jo" is a Seal Bicolour

Such a beautiful big  girl, great eye colour, amazing coat, lovely temperament.


                                      Photo's  BELOW  ( Our Angels in Training )

These are our  future  breeding females for late   2021 -  2022,
as we retire our older females around  4 years of age.

"WINTER"  is a Seal Mitted

She is like a  fluffy  white cloud, with a black face and amazing blue eyes,   walking around.        As sweet as the day is long.... 

"Paloma  is a Blue Bicolour

She is  one of  Zali's  beautiful babies.   
Gorgeous  just like her mother.
Gentle, sweet and silky soft,  loves being nursed like a baby.

" KIKI "      is a Blue Mitted

Kiki is only 7 months old in this photo and already way beyond our expectations.  SUPER  affectionate (non-stop).      Great size, head shape, eye colour and coat.   What more could we ask for.

             for visiting our  "Beautiful  Girls".

We  hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we  

 enjoy  owning them.......


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NOTE    -    If you are  interested in seeing where and how the RAGDOLL ORIGINATED  please go to our  "HISTORY of the Ragdoll"   page of the website for photo's and details.