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Kasi         7-8-17

Hope you are keeping well. Just thought I would send you an update on Kasi. She is doing so well, we cannot imagine the house without her now. She was gained weight and most of her fur is back after kittens. Kasi and Lexi have become best friends and spend all their time together….. it’s very cute. She has been great for Lexi, Lexi has defiantly got more playful and interacts more since Kasi came along. Attached is some pics


Kind regards


Coco Chanel       7-8-17

Just wanted to send you some pics of Coco. We picked her up on October 31 2015. She will be two next month. Her mum was Barbie Doll and father was Frankie Blue Eyes 😊

She is the light of our lives and is super spoilt! She rules the house! 

Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.
 Diva      7-8-17
I just thought you would like to see photos of our Diva. She is 1 tomorrow and has given us so much joy and love.
She is the daughter of Honey Boo Boo and Obi.
She loves food ( a little too much), and has the most amazing coat. She makes us laugh every day, she does the funniest things BD she loves to chat. She cries if she can't find me in the house and she loves to wake me at 5am every morning for her breakfast. Then, she won't eat her dry food until she is certain there is nothing else on offer. So fussy. Such a Diva. When she has eaten, she goes back to bed. 😻
Hope all is well with the rest of your beautiful cats and kittens.
Kindest regards Preya

Just a few photos of our beautiful cream boy that we brought off you thank you.

Kindest Regards 


These are some photos of Milkey
He had grown bigger and darker.
But still has the same old personality.
He likes to follow you around and lie wherever you are about to go
(That's not a bad quality)
He is sweet and lovely.
He has a sense of when you are hurt or sick because he comes and lie with you and fall asleep next to you.
He is fluffy and jelly like.
He is 2 years old but still does not know how to meow right because he meows like this "MYEH" but louder and longer.
We love him sooooooooooooooooooooo much like infinity beyond😜😍
From Bridget Fenton (Milkeys Mum)

Mishka    1 yr old

Hi - Miska is turning one. She is a very curious cat. We are a little scared of what she may do to the Christmas tree this year! 
Shel is very chilled, quietly determined, and feels the need to try everything out just to see what it would be like.
Here are some recent photos of her.


ROBBIE    years old   

 More of our Babies photo's in their new homes. 




 Hope you are well.
It has been a long time since I contacted you. Just thought you might like
a photo of Boston and Lucy. They are still doing well even though they now
share the house with Paula and I as well as two kids! :)
Michelle  &  Paula







 BONNIE   (formerly one of our breeding girls "Anna-Sui")

Bonnie is happily living a life of luxury with Val.


Mr BLUE     ( formerly  our stud boy Frankie Blue-eyes)


 Just a little update....
Mister Blue has found his favorite mini lounge chair and spends every Saturday helping me with the laundry.
He also has found that sleeping next to us with his head on the pillow is very comfortable! Thanks for making our life complete ❤️            Chris M  & family


MILLIE       (formerly our breeding girl, Mikki)

 I bought one of your adult Ragdoll Cats on 24th February 2016.    You called her Mikki . Just thought I would give you an update.   I Thankyou every day for her.    She is beautiful.   She follows me around like a puppy. She sleeps next to me at night.    When I have been out she is so happy when I come home.      Thank you,         Regards Beryl





 I was enquiring about potentially purchasing a ragdoll kitten.   I got one from  you in 2012, Stewie, who is a seal bicolour. I think McDreamy was his Dad! He sure is a handful and sometimes quite naughty, but his personality is so cute. He is very pretty and people always comment! I have attached some photos.

We are thinking of getting him a little friend, hopefully much more placid. He still bites my feet for attention and wakes us up at 3.30am talking to us. As well, our house only has a few windows for him to look out so I’m worried he is getting a bit too bored.




 Miss Melbourne Hope you’re well.I just thought I’ll share with you some pictures of our beautiful girl Miss Melbourne.    Laura & Chris





ANNABELLE       Seal Bicolour Female

 Hello. Not sure if you remember but we adopted our stunning Annabelle from you five years ago. She's grown into the most amazing, beautiful, faithful, loving darling girl. Isabella, who is now 19. and Annabelle are inseparable. Annabelle is her girl, her 'baby'. Ahh, she's everyone's girl. We all love her so much. Can't imagine our home without her. She is loved by all who meet her.
I'm sending you a of photo of her which I'm sure you will love.
Kindest regards,        Katrina, Keith and Isabella N.



 GUCCI  VALENTINO       Blue Point

Our gorgeous little boy Gucci Valentino turned one yesterday (born 08.05.15 to Lucy Liu and Mr Valentino) and we thought you might like to see how much he has grown.He is much loved and very spoiled and we are grateful that he has brought so much joy into our lives.

Thank you for giving us such a beautiful ragdoll!         Kindest Regards,   Margaret and Peter


 KATGOR   &    YUKIThese are just some pictures of the kittens i took today :)
Just thought you guys would like to see the two little ones.
They're are growing up to be two beautiful cats
Regards Etana


     MUEZZA    Blue Bicolour MaleJust wanted to send you some photos of our beautiful boy and update you on how he is going. Muezza is quite the character. He's very cheeky and has claimed ownership of my daughter. He follows her around like a puppy and it's not unusual to find them stretched across the bed together or running around chasing each other in the backyard! I'm pretty sure he's convinced he is human and even picks his food up with his paw to eat. He is just adorable and makes us laugh with his antics, especially when there is rain coming (he's more accurate than the weather bureau!) If he wants a scratch he will look directly at you then throw himself rather dramatically onto his back and he sulks if any family member goes away. Thank you for our beautiful boy.     Kind Regards      Danielle   11-11-15

See first update of Muezza,   11  updates down this page.


          SVEN     Lilac Mitted Male


 I thought you might like to hear how Sven is.       He is so gorgeous and very placid, our vet thinks he is a dog in a cats body. He still hugs your leg when he is hungry or should I say wanting wet food. He is solid and weighs in at 4.58kg as of last Friday. He will be 7months in a matter of days.            This photo was taken by one of our vets when he was about 5 months old.
I bought a cool mat from Aldi and put it under my sheet in the bed yesterday and Sven went back and forth all night according to his liking.

He loves boxes and the only fur ball he has coughed up was a ball of Santo's Santo ( Groodle) and Sven are best friends, they are hilarious to watch, Santo has really long hair at the moment and Sven nuzzles in whilst Santo is sleeping, yanks on his fluff to wake him up to play. Way too funny the pair of them.
Sven sits for treats when Santo does. He is just the most beautiful boy and we are looking forward to see how big he grows.
Hoping all is well and thank you again for our little boy,
Louise Magetti




 BERTIE  &  FLOSSIE   seal bicolour and seal mitted

 It's now four and a half years since I took Flossie and Bertie home.  They are an absolute joy and great company for me.  

They get along like most brothers and sisters do  -  sometimes they love each other, sometimes they like a good fight!  They like to curl up on my lap in front of the fire in winter.  Flossie loves to be picked up and cuddled but Bertie prefers to be patted with his feet on the ground.  Bertie is very active and likes to play fetch with his ball.  He chases it, brings it back and drops it at my feet for another go.

I wouldn't be without them.

Kim, Brisbane


 ROMEO   is a Blue Bicolour

 Hi, I picked my kitten up from you in Feb 15, on our way home from our family holiday. He has been such a pleasure, we all love him so much. We originally called him Caesar but have changed his name to Romeo because he is just the most loving cat on Earth. Whether we're in the kitchen, lounge, bedroom, shower, toilet - he is right there with us (we actually went through a stage of calling him Shadow before settling on Romeo!) Not long after settling in at home in yeppoon we were hit with cyclone Marcia. Our house sustained quite a lot of damage so we moved around a few times with friends and family - cat in tow, until finally being put up in a unit by our insurance while repairs started on our house. Unfortunately Romeo was not allowed to stay with us, so my mum offered to cat-sit until we were could return to our home. That day is finally around the corner, and we will be moving back beginning of August. My mum has absolutely fallen in love with Romeo and is heartbroken about having to part with him so I will be saving and checking in on your website often for future litters and hopefully will be able to gift her with a wonderful little addition when the time is right. Here is a recent photo of him. Thank you again, he is just the most amazing cat I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. And not a single person who has met him can keep their eyes or hands off him.

Regards Tasha & family




BELLA   is a Blue Point 

 Bella is now 7 months old. She is a gorgeous girl. Love her to bits.   Lorrelle   17-6-15




 ROBBIE    is a Blue Bicolour


 Robbie   2-7-15



MUFASA  a chocolate bicolour     &      KHALEESI a seal bicolour

 Just thought we would send you some photos of our beautiful kittens.        They have both settled in very well and have just become part of the family and love their cuddles.

Hope you have a great day!      Paula    ( 12-5-15 )



  I couldn't resist sending you this photo of Lauren asleep tonight holding Truffles' paw! (The camera flash didn't wake either of them!)

He really is the cat she dreamed of. And all the family loves Truffles....even the puppy!
Kind Regards,    Leigha    (11-5-15)                                                                                                

  Our dog (Humphrey) and cat (Truffles)are great mates and are playing really nicely with each other.    (24-5-15)




 OLLIE   is a Chocolate Point male Ollie quickly became part of our family and loves to have everyones attention. Our friends and family always ask about him!
He was 4 months old the end of last month and has started to grow up very quickly. He is sooky, adventurous, loving and very playful.     Thank you :)      Kristin




 RODDY     is a Seal Mitted male.He is a boy with a very lovely nature he loves his cuddles and attention and just lays with you he is a good boy bit sookie but that's a good thing  :)    Tash




 DEXTER   is a Blue mitted male.  Here are a selection of pictures from the past months since Dexter has been a part of the family.  As you can see, his favourite position is upside-down and horizontal.

 He  is a huge favourite with all our friends and enjoys lots of company, following us around like a puppy at our feet with the occasional gentle leg grab thrown in for good measure.  He has mad moments in the evening when he scoots around the house like a nutter, scrabbling around the corners as his feathery feet don't give him enough grip.

 The sooky boy cries when we leave the house (even if it's just to play outside) and sits at the window waiting for us to come back in.          He is tolerated by our older moggy Rosie who tells him off when he gets out of hand.  He doesn't care though and always jumps straight back in trying to persuade her to play until she has enough and finds a quiet, Dexter free spot.

Dexter has made firm friends with our huge 65kg dog, Thomas, despite the fact that Thomas stays outside and Dexter is inside.  They sit either side of the screen door and sniff each other, finally settling down for a little outside/inside sleep together.

 Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family who gives us lots of cuddles and laughs every day.

 Josie, Sam, Isaac, Tabitha, Aaron and Ezra       Plus Rosie, Thomas and Dexter of course!





 MUEZZA  is a Blue Bicolour male.I don't know if my husband is sold on all Ragdolls but Muezza definitely has him wrapped around his little paw! He crawls into bed with him in the morning and purrs his little heart out. He knows what side his bread is buttered on.    Cheers Danielle            





 MISS MELBOURNE  is a Chocolate BicolourHere are some recent pics of our Missy :)




OLAF   is a  Seal Bicolour male Just a quick email to let you know Olaf is settling in really well. Gets along great with the 2 dogs and loves my 18 month old nephew.     Thanks again for him.      




 Rajah  is a Seal Mitted male.Here are some photos taken last Saturday before and after he went to the cat parlour he loves being there he loves the ladies over there he is a real smooch when he comes home.    Rajah is doing really well getting bigger and bigger every year.    He goes to the cat parlour every 3 months for his wash and groom out in summer he gets a small shave.The only problem we have is he likes to walk around the house moaning and crying letting us no he is hungry at 3 am in the morning wanting to be fed.We love him very much.I have enclosed some photos for you hope you and your family have a great christmas





Murphy  is a Blue Point male.Here are a couple of photos of Murphy at 12 months.  He is 5kg now.  At twelve months will he continue to grow?  He had a ham and sardine cake, although he wasn't too impressed when the candle lit up one of his eyebrow whiskers (no harm done).  Macy helped him finish it off.   Hope you guys are both well and David and I wish you a very happy new year.     Kind regards    Lane and David