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We love receiving photo's of our gorgeous Angel Eyes kittens being spoilt rotten in their new homes.  It is very rewarding as Registered Breeders to see how the kittens  have grown and developed   also to  hear the many stories,  of  how much love Ragdolls  give back in return.

This page is a CONTINUING  WORK  of  PROGRESS  .....               Keep checking in for more UPDATES of our Beautiful babies as they come in.  

 Ollie ( blue point)     now living in Canada with the Fenton Family.

 We bought Ollie from you in early 2010 and I promised to send a photo in the future. Attached is one taken last week. He is now an international cat we have moved to Montreal with work for a couple of years. He finds snow very interesting and is definately the 'suckier' cat that the girls wanted!    Regards,  Marc.



 Romeo  (seal Bicolour)  living with Deb in Brisbane


Romeo is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am so so so happy with him, HE IS JUST WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!! He is so affectionate and sleeps with me in a king size water bed.  He is very intrigued with my fish and my canaries and finches.  My other girl (Princess Gizmo) is a bit too old to play but is accepting him so long as she can get her beauty sleep, she sniffs him and puts her head back down to sleep, if he pesters her too much there is a hiss and he backs off and toddles off to play with the canary.


 Lulu  (lilac mitted tabby )    now  living in New York   with  Rennae


She is so hilarious and brings us joy every day. Probably the most talkative cat I've ever had, she feels the need to constantly chat to me, dinnertime and playtime particularly. We have lots of cuddles at bedtime and she is still kneading and purring, plus sucking her thumb, not sure if you realised she did that as a kitten but it is so cute. She and Kingston live harmoniously together and as she has grown is giving as good as she gets when it comes to wrestling. I have also attached a video of them playing. 

We have now moved to New York from Hong Kong, the frequent traveller that she is,  she took the flight in her stride and settled very quickly, finding all her old sleeping spots under the bed and in her tunnel very quickly when we unpacked. She also enjoyed the unpacking process, poking around in boxes and jumping on boxes to survey her territory.   Rennae
 Bo  (seal mitted)   living with  Keith & Lyn in Buderim


      Bo is just beautiful as always and getting even more cuddly if that is possible.  He follows me everywhere when not sleeping and usually wants to sit on my hands while trying to operate the computer.  I'm sure you are well used to such treatment.  It's our screen pic. at the moment.

 Mischief  (seal bicolour)   living with  John & Jan  at Worrowing Heights NSW
She likes to be up by my face
for a cuddle in the evening in front of the TV, where she kneads my face and
neck - alternating between my windpipe and jugular - the kneading getting
more and more enthusiastic until it becomes more like pounding! My arm gets
tired holding her up there so I use a cushion to support her, but have to
stop her in the end as she gets so vigorous! Sometimes I put her down onto
my lap, still on her back, and
that is when she has occasionally tried to suck her foot, but I've stopped
her. I bought
a dummy to give her but it doesn't help. The first time I offered it to her
instead of her foot she looked astonished, next time amazed and so on.  Jan & John
 Astro   (blue bicolour)   now living with Mandi in Brisbane
 Coco Chanel  (seal mitted)  now living with Robyn  in Surat.
As you can see she loves to be at my computer, just as the others do!
You can see her mane pretty well.
She is beautiful!
She has blended in well with the others.
I hope you can get an idea of how lovely she is..we love her very much.
Thanks for letting us get her!      Regards  Rob
 Lucy & Boston  (seal point & seal mitted) living with Michelle & Paula
Lucy loves to lie on her back in our arms and falls asleep like that all the time.  Boston will usually sit contentedly in your arms too.  When we are in the kitchen, they are lying at our feet.  When we are in the lounge room, they are there with us.  We love it.  I guess we are not telling you anything you don't know, as you live with ragdolls but we are so amazed at how much they like being around us.  They just melt ourhearts!    Michelle & Paula  10-7-12



Bella & Chevy  (chocolate point & seal bicolour)  live with Deb in Sydney


 UPDATE  -  12-2-12    Chevy and Bella,  looking amazing !!!

 Chevy is growing up so fast and a gorgeous boy!!  Personality plus and the sweetest, snugglepuss  ever!! He is playful, funny, cheeky, a sweet soul he has, love him to bits.

They are both amazing, keep me entertained every day, always at the door when I get home from work for heaps of cuddles.
I think my two kiddies are the most beautiful in the whole world, two different personalities, I do spoil them but they deserve every bit of it.
I just wanted to update you and show you how loved and gorgeous my babies are!
I love  love love them so much!    Deb

 Cha Cha  (blue point)  now living with  Cheryl & John in   Buderim

  She is so affectionate and has the loudest purr I have ever heard.  She sleeps on the end of our bed and is never far away from one of us during the day. She knows when the alarm goes off it is time to get up and nags us until we do.  She knows where the food is kept and eats most things, as long as they are good quality, although the dry food is still her staple.  She loved the prawns at Christmas.       Cheryl and  John



 Charlie & Molly   (blue bicolour & chocolate mitted) living with Paula & Lyndon in Peregian Springs


 Charlie is climbing around me checking out what I am doing and Molly has drifted off to explore.  They are both doing very well, eating and sleeping as they do and into everything.  The Christmas tree is a mess as they keep pulling the baubles and tinsel off it and I even found Charlie had climbed half way up it.  Maybe I should not have put the tree up but old habits die hard and after a lifetime of the annual tree I just couldn't not have one!
Molly is Lyndon's friend, she climbs onto his lap, never mine, although she will sit by me when he is out.  Charlie follows me round all day - except if the hoover or mixer is running - even waiting patiently by when I go to the bathroom.     Paula & Lyndon



  Mishka (seal point)  is now living with  Sue     

 She’s delightfully curious, cheeky and super sweet natured    Sue



 Otto    (seal point)  living happily  with  Dee


 Ollie    (blue mitted)   now living with Troy & Kim in  Urraween 

I think he has something loose inside, I can’t believe what a purrer he is. Thank you so much for bringing us such a joy.      Cheers Troy & Kim.


 Coco  (chocolate mitted)    living with Michelle & Dale in Ashmore

 She is definitely a part of the family and everyone including the dog love her.   Michelle & Dale


 Dinozzo  &  River    ( chocolate point & blue mitted tabby)  living with  Ana & Cindy in Nambour

Just thought we would let you know that River and DiNozzo are getting along great.  They call to each other, sleep together and love to play together.       Ana and Cindy


 Gus  ( seal bicolour)  lives with Therese in Dalby


 Indiana   (blue point) now  lives with the Miotti family 

Indiana’s eyes don’t look as vividly blue in this photo as they are   but it’s still a beautiful photo.  She has blended into our family perfectly since day one.  It was funny getting her home she zoomed around the house, finding her way.  At times, we were frightened we had lost her because she was so tiny she would snuggle in between pillows or between things and we couldn’t see her.  Even, though we knew she hadn’t got out of the house we were running around trying to find her.  That’s a fun memory.  She is a beautiful girl with a gentle nature always going straight to Gabriella’s bed first thing in the morning.  Gabriella has her bedroom door open at night time and Indi sleeps between the door and the bed on the floor but when its morning she has this automatic thing where she jumps up into bed with Gabriella and they sleep for another good two hours together.  It’s precious, we are so blessed because she always comes looking for us and we are just so use to her being a part of our lives.  Anyway, we just wanted to  let you know you have left Indiana in very safe and happy hands.   We still spend  a lot of time on the website because we love Ragdolls.  Thank you again.  

Sonya, Steve, Claire, Claudia, Gabriella and Indiana (Indi)



  Tigerlily   (seal mitted)  now lives with  Tanya & family in Caloundra




 Teyha Rose  ( lilac bicolour)   lives with Kerri  at Redland Bay

 Sending you the latest pics of Tehya - she is looking so big now very fluffy and soft. Can't believe how she's grown and her tail is just amazing. She is getting very very spoilt,  she certainly likes to be near. The best thing though is when I go to nap or bed, she is there cuddled up to me right beside me. She actually backs herself into the crook of my arm to cuddle. Amazing! Love her to bits. Anyway hope you enjoy the pics.     Kerri


 Samson  ( chocolate point)    lives with  Tina and family on the Gold Coast

Just a little update on our little man , I'm sure he's part human , when your cooking he gets up onto the chair near the bench and sits up like a little person watching everything you are doing, probably saying well aren't I going to get a taste of that ... Or down at your feet looking up as if to say will hello I'm here can I try some ...    I'm sure he's part kangaroo now with his bouncing around that he does , no more sitting on your shoulder for now anyway ... And he's so cute Smokeys mum must have never taught him to cover his number 2 so he just jumps in does it jumps out , will little Mr Samson I have caught covering it up he's so cute Covering up his big brothers mess... He is a little cheeky when you go outside he tries to go to but keep telling him that's not going to happen..    Cheers Tina

  Rascal & Jelly Bean  ( blue point & seal bicolour)  live with Petrina in Maroochydore They are going FANTASTIC.  Jelly Bean, he's adorable if he's in a room with Rascal  and rass goes off to the kitten will cry until rass runs back into the room to him. and the kitten keeps smooching Rascal  and rass gets bit over it and flops on him but they are so cute together. i think they've made friends for life. 
it's  so exciting seeing them play its so cute and amusing. i caught them snuggled up in jellys carry bag before haha        Trina


 Sammi   (lilac point)  lives with Anne  in Palmwoods

   This is Sammi - she really is gorgeous.  Look at those blue eyes!!!    Anne

Sammi Update  -  11-3-12


  Hello from Sammi.  I just wanted you to see what a lovely pet Sammi has developed into.  She’s very adaptable & personable and even goes travelling with us in the caravan.  She’s a ton of fun at playtime (usually at 5am) and gives that tiger growl as she flies through the house.  We are really enjoying her & she’s certainly the queen of our castle.  Regards Anne


 Zulu  (seal mitted)  lives with  Sara & family  in Brisbane


 Raj   (seal bicolour)  lives with Natalie in Burleigh Heads



Poppy  ( seal point)     living with Nicola  in Tasmania

Just showing you our beautiful baby at one year old.
She has already darkened to a mix of red-brown and darker brown patches , with
an interesting spot between her back legs on her belly...
She continues to be the apple of our eyes and an adored family member.Nicola :) and Poppy


Princess Isabella (seal mitted)  lives a very contented life with Shane



 Hamish  (blue point)  now lives with  Madeline in Brisbane


 Just thought I'd send through this pic of Hamish in the office so you can

see how he's doing and how big he's gotten!    Madeline

 Diva  ( seal point)  now lives with Rhiannon & Luke in Brisbane

We adopted Diva from you last year, and I thought I'd send you some photos of her.
She has settled in really well and talks ALL the time. She always wants belly rubs or headbutts, and has to be the centre of attention at all times. Luke and I absolutely love her to bits, and I wanted to thank you again for bringing her into our lives. She really is our little baby.           Rhi, Luke and Diva


 Pawsha  ( lilac tabby point)  lives with  Tracey & Ben in Caloundra

We've had Pawsha in our family now for a year and a bit and she is simply a joy and pleasure. 
Ben adores her and has claimed her as his cat so Jethro is mine. So Ben's like.....your cat just did that.. and my cat is so much cuter. They are so cute together and get along really well now like brother and sister which is great. They both sleep a few feet away from each other in our bedroom each night. They both greet me at the door every single day when I come home from work which was one of my wishes when we first got Pawsha when she was really shy. Well she's not shy anymore. She will go and coax Jethro to play with her. Then of course he gets a bit rough and she'll run off but generally he's learnt to be gentler than he used to be and they get along great. And she does the most funniest things. Sometimes she'll run flat stick the full length of the house. She'll start in the furtherest corner of the lounge room and run up the stairs (luckily they are carpet) and you hear her run into the bedroom. It sounds like a heard of cows and she does this little growly meowy sound, it's so funny.  Tracey

  Jasper  ( seal point) lives with Sue and family in Brisbane


 Blush   ( blue point)    now lives with  Helen & family in Buderim



 Crystal     ( lilac mitted)  lives with  Trish & family at Kiel Mountain


Jaspurr    (seal mitted)  lives with  Jan in Eight Mile Plains

 I am still soo in love with Jaspurr and incredibly grateful to have him in my life. He takes my breath away.  I get home from work every day to find him on the inside of the front door lying flat on his back with his tummy on display ready for a pat, and from that moment onwards it's all about Jasspurr - all stress goes. I cannot thank you enough for him      Jan




 Mia    ( lilac mitted)    lives with Aleisha at Narangba  


 I thought i'd send you some photo's of how Mia has grown.  She is an extremely loved kitchen, and is our baby girl.. 

I am trying to convince pat to let me get another.. she is the cat of my dreams, so thank you very much         Kind regards   Aleisha and Patrick.


Mr Meowgi  ( blue point)  lives with  Alan & Belinda in  Coes Creek


 Well believe it or not, it’s been six months since we brought Mr Meowgi home and I have to say he’s been a wonderful addition to our family. He fit straight in. Thought you might like to see updated photo’s of him so we took these last night. He has a beautiful personality. He gets incredibly upset when our dog Monte goes outside without him because they are the best of friends. They sleep together under our bed at night and are always together. So adorable.

He definitely loves my husband Alan the most and follows him everywhere. I don’t know what life was like before Mr. Meowgi (MOWGI for short). We just wanted to say thank you for giving us such a beautiful  boy – we love him very much.   Kind regards   Belinda 


Rosie  ( Chocolate mitted)   lives with  Janet & Garth in Meridian Plains

Well lets say Rosie has settled in ...SHE is running the house and we are loving her so much.  She has Garth wrapped around her little PAW. They are best mates.She love's the computer I think she is a very cleaver little girl.

Thank you very much.  I think she is going to keep us amused for many years to come..
                                          Janet  &  Garth  

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