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ENCLOSURE  Ideas for   RAGDOLLS            

 We want our RAGDOLLS to go to INDOOR ONLY homes.   

This does not mean  restrict them from the outdoors altogether.   It is to keep them safe within your property and not roaming the streets and getting into cat fights or runover by passing cars etc.

We have added this page to give our Ragdoll owners a few simple ideas on how they can have their ragdoll with them safe in their back yard and  also not  letting them roam around the neighbourhood  or getting stolen or hit by cars.

A few suggestions for you to look through   -


 This is a small cat mesh tent with a zipper door.  Plenty of room to put a box one end for somewhere safe  and  the other end a litter tray,  water and food in the middle.   We would cover one end with a light blanket or sheet for protection from the weather. 


 This is a larger version of the above cat tent at  90cm high, 165cm width,  195 long, so a good size for  a couple of cats, their litter tray water and a  carboard box to sit in for safety. Again  you only need to throw a sheet over one side for shade.



 This is an  Option for a small yard or courtyard,  the only problem would be  - outside cats can get in and are not able to get out.







 This one is an excellent idea for an indoor cat to be able to go outside in safety, when it wants too.   I would have the netting just below the fence line so not to upset neighbours.




 Not my favourite idea but it would give them time out in the sun to look at the birds.


 This is a safe area outside a window that would work well.

  We will look for more ideas and add them as we find them.