Because everyone deserves an Angel.....

LA LA   is a Seal Bicolour female

 We are sooo proud of La La, she is a beautiful example of  what we want in  our Ragdolls.                                                                       She is a big, solid girl with great boning.   She is very affectionate  and has great eye colour, stunning coat and markings.
Her father is from Bulgaria and mother from NZ.


CHI CHI is a seal bicolour female.

Stunning blue eyes, lovely size girl with a full silky soft coat.
La La  above   is her sister, both are lovely big girls with amazing eyes.


BUBBALISHUS is a Blue Bicolour  female.

Wow!  says it all,  she is just a stunningly beautiful girl and we are so proud to have bred her.    Her coat is sooo soft and  she has a personality to match.


 STEVIE  is a Seal Bicolour
 What a gentle, gentle,  sweet,  innocent girl.   No  vices at all,  only wants to have attention and be loved.


ANGEL BABY is a Blue Bicolour female
Our sweet precious Angel, beautiful example of what a Ragdoll should be.......

LADY CRUMPET  is a Blue Mitted

Too much cuteness for one kitten.  Outgoing personality, gorgeous coat.  Looking forward to watching her grow.

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We  hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we  

 enjoy  owning them.......


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NOTE    -    If you are  interested in seeing where and how the RAGDOLL ORIGINATED  please go to our  "HISTORY of the Ragdoll"   page of the website for photo's and details.