Because everyone deserves an Angel.....

WELCOME  to the Wonderful World  of  RAGDOLLS                                                       and a little about Us.

         Angel   growing into a beautiful girl,  now below at 6 months old.

                                           Angel Eyes Ragdolls  are situated on 13 acres of tropical rainforest  on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.  We are Registered Breeders with Queensland Feline Association.  Our first priority is to look after this very popular and  unique  Ragdoll breed.   To do this they need to  be registered  to see the lines/parentage you are working with.  Please be wary of backyard breeding as there are no records or paperwork of what cat has been with another  eg.  a brother over a sister or mother,  TROUBLE!!!  

Our beautiful female Ragdolls live with us,  the kittens are also  raised under foot in our home.     The males have lovely spacious rooms each  with their doors opening out into a hallway to  a large covered two level exercise courtyard which they take turns out in for exercise or to lay in the sun each day.  Many thanks to my wonderful husband for all his support and continual  renovating and building and upgrading areas and  also all of  the tunnels up of the ground  for our ragdolls to roam.    We would dearly love to have the boys  inside  but most undesexed males spray to mark their territory so this is impossible.     We are constantly out with them in their courtyard having cups of coffee and cuddles,  they are such big sooky, loveable boys.

Angel Eyes Ragdolls Home  -   Our Driveway 

   Parking Area


  Our  Viewing / Visitors  Room  where our Kitten  people come and meet their new baby,  by appointment only.

                                WHY A RAGDOLL ?

  • They have the most amazing child like personalities, wanting to be with their owners at all times.  Yes they will even sit outside the loo or shower waiting for you. They love watching running water.
  • Apart from their amazing silky soft  coats and  their  beautiful blue eyes and constant purring,  they make you SMILE  with their antics.
  • They are a semi-long haired cat and yes they do shed but most of the year it is minimal,  a daily brush for a couple of minutes,  which the cats love is all that is needed.
  • Their pure INNOCENCE.
  • They are great with children and  other pets.
  • Being an indoor  only  cat,  they are ideal  pets/family members   for apartments.
  • UNCONDITIONAL  Love.....
  • They will come to their name when called.
  • They can easily be taught to fetch small soft sparkly balls.
  • Easily harness trained.
  • Completely  ADDICTIVE.
  • Being an Indoor cat there are no problems with neighbours and no barking.

     As you can see we could go on forever about our Ragdolls.  But in all honesty until we became involved with  Ragdolls   we were mostly  dog lovers and probably a little unsure of cats.   Ragdolls  have changed our whole perception,  they are so gentle, loving and unconditional.   They have been called  puppy like in nature,  and it is so true,  they are everywhere you are.   We  are  definitely  RAGDOLL PEOPLE/ADDICTS.

   We have had so many men come with their partners to pick up their new family member  and show minimal interest in the kittens/cats.    A  few weeks later we get emails back saying  the men are besotted by their Ragdoll and it is following them everywhere and they are absolutely  loving them.

        Our  Girls laying around in their enclosed  Outdoor Area.




One of the  Girls  tunnels up under the eaves on the house,   pre - cat hair.  

                                                    We recommend and  supply  the OzPet Litter Trays and Litter for  people adopting an ANGEL EYES  RAGDOLL.   We have tried many different types  and have found these to be the best in cleanliness, smell  and cost efficient with litter.


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